Mouse Over Color Fill

I have a floor plan that has departments, or zones, that can be selected to drill down into that area with another screen. I have svg shapes that determine the zones. I’m trying to get the svgs to be transparent until you mouse over them, which would set the color to a semi-transparent one. I’ve tried setting it using these, but no luck. Am I going about this wrong, or is my script just lacking? I’m using the mouseEntered event handler in scripting. thanks

event.source.fillPaint = "255,255,255" 
event.source.fillPaint = java.awt.toColor("255,255,255")

You might want to try system.gui.color() to return a color instead of assigning a string.

Thanks, I actually found this right before you posted. However, the link was perfect to fill me in on using the alpha argument as well for the transparency. Thanks

event.source.fillPaint = system.gui.color(255,255,255,100)

for transparent white.
Thanks Nick

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