MouseEnter event (Tooltip)


I have created a motor component displaying motor faults on an Overview Page.As there is a number of motors that exist on the page I am trying to configure a tooltip event to indicate the number of motor that appears every time on the screen. My approach is by configuring a popup event every time a motor appears on the screen using the MouseEnter event to display the number of the particular motor. My question is, if there is not another approach to this, is there a way that the pop up label appears on the exact location of every motor component I have on the screen or would I have to do this individually in every single motor and try to find the exact location of every component?

The ‘Mouseover Text’ Property won’t work for you?

Is this something that I could use in perspective? Could you please explain how it works and where I could find this property?

Sorry, Perpsective wasn’t specified. We’re going to have to be more specific now that v8 is out. :slight_smile:

Yeah, maybe separate categories on this forum?


No problem. So is this not possible on perspective?

So far, I’m not seeing a way to parametize the popup location.

Can you add a label to your motor component? Then you can toggle it’s visibility when entering the area.

Could you be more specific on how to implement this please?

Many thanks

Example: Coordinate Container with a motor and a label

Scripts in the Coordinate Container:
self.getChild("Label").meta.visible = True

self.getChild("Label").meta.visible = False

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From my experience so far that looks like the best way to go, I had the same problem and that’s how I fixed it so I would recommend this strategy