mouseExited on power table, boarders are not accurate

I’ve been working on an ‘auto complete’ in the search bar, to accomplish this i thought it may be best to have a powerTable appear w/ the SQL query of the search text field.

Search Text Field on click makes the powerTable visible. When the user selects a value, it also sets the visible value to 0, so everything working fine, except for the cases were users are not clicking anything and want to close this window. I thought maybe a 'mouseExited" would work well, but it is triggering when the mouse is clearly within the boarders of the power table. For example, if the desired value is in the first row of the power table, by the time the mouse gets there it triggered the mouse exited value and disappears.

Is there a way to adjust the accuracy of mouseExited or hopefully an easier way to get an autocomplete list etc…

Thank you