MouseOver Text and tables?

I have a table where one of the columns occasionaly contans more data than can be fully displayed. Ex. “this is test dat…” our client is asking for a way to click on the line and see the entire text string.
I attempted to do this using the MouseOver property. I am able to populate the mouse over property correctly but the mouse over box never appears. Does this feature not work with tables? With other objects if i just enter something in the property it will idisplay when the mouse is hovered over the object but this does not appear to be the case with my table.
is there a better way to accomplish or possibly set the table to “wrap text” when this happens which would eliminate the need to do it by clicking?
Thanks for any help,

You are right, the mouse over text doesn’t work over any rows of data. It works over the white space of the table but not the rows. I will add a ticket into our system to change that behavior.

In the meantime, you can go into the table customizer and set the prefix value for that column to . By adding the data will wrap in the space rather than getting … You can then set the row height property of the table to something bigger to see the wrapping.

Is this feature now available; we have to use it for a project for our client.

This ticket is still outstanding in our system.