Mouseover Text Visibility or Position

Is there a global means to disable all Mouseover Text's in a project? They're great for new implementations and training, but after awhile are annoying. Short of binding every mouseover to a client tag and wholesale changing them through scripting, I haven't found any means.

Also, I've noticed that the mouseover text displays in different positions relative to the mouse movement that hovers over the object in a narrow band window. In the case of buttons if you approach from the right, the mouseover text ends up centered over the button, rendering the button action itself unusable. From the left, the text appears off the button further right. This occurs on docked windows that are the height of the button.

Pertaining to Vision.

I'm not sure, but is this question pertaining to Vision or Perspective?

Sorry, Vision

Possibly this, in a client startup script:

from javax.swing import ToolTipManager
ToolTipManager.getSharedInstance().enabled = False
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Sorry, got busy with other aspects and didn't revisit this until today. That worked perfectly. I struggled at first before I realized that the Instance doesn't work in Designer, only Clients. I kept getting scripting errors before actually testing in the client where it worked fine.