mousePressed and touch screen

Hello to everyone,
If I have a problem with the mousePressed event inside my buttons on my Ignition project. When I use the mouse, the jog actually work and keep the signal on as long as I am pressing the left button of the mouse. Meanwhile, when I use the touch screen of the monitor for some reason it the bit linked to the mousePressed event doesnt turn on. If I press the button and drag the finger the bit turns on.
I would like to understand if this is a hardware problem (touch screen, drivers) or a software problem (os, ignition).

Someone has encountred this type of issues before?
Thank you.

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You also need to be aware of the risks of doing jog functions from the HMI. If communications are lost the PLC bit may remain on indefinitely. Consider having a jog enable function on the HMI and a hard-wired jog button instead.

Yes, I'm aware of the risk about the lost of communication, but it can be controlled using plc program. When communication is lost every jog needs to be reset. Even without speaking about jog I would like to know if there's a way to give a command by pressing a button on the touch screen.

I would look first at the touchscreen drivers.


I had this exact issue before and it turned out to be the default Windows touchscreen driver interpreting the touch and hold as a right click attempt.

If you install a custom driver for your touchscreen device (Elo in my case) you will probably have a lot more options. In the case of the Elo driver, you could enable "mouse emulation mode" and disable "right click on hold" to allow you to press and hold on screen buttons.

EDIT: There may or may not be an "untouch delay" setting in your custom driver, which will automatically release a press after a certain time, so make sure to set that delay long enough for your purposes if you have it.

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