Move component base coordinate from top left to bottom left?

Is it possible to move the base coordinates (0,0) from the top left of a container to the bottom left?

My first question is why?

I have components that will be resized and displayed on an HMI depending on tag values (i.e. Height and Width). There are 6 components starting with the left that the sizing shifts from the left to right where the left component could start at 12 x 8 which would then shift to the right and the next size of the left component could be 16 x 12.

I’m not aware of anything that allows you to move the reference point. I don’t know that I fully understand what you are trying to accomplish, but it sounds like you are trying to keep the bottom edge of all components, in a container, “glued” to the bottom of the container, regardless of component height. If that is the case, get the container height (.size.height) and subtract the height of the component from the container height to get your y position for the respective component’s top left corner.

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