Move Historian files to New Server

I have moved History files between computers in the past with little success linking the old server data with the new server data. Can someone provide a step-by-step procedure to keep the old with the new data?

What do you mean by History files?

a gateway backup file + a database backup should get you up and running.

Can you explain a little more? i.e. what kind of history are you loosing and how is it stored?

This, but do the database restore first, so the restored gateway backup "sees" all of the historian meta-data it expects for the tags it starts up.

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I just went through this, so I understand the pain...
If what you mean by "move historian files to new server" is migrate to a new gateway, this is what I referenced during my migration: Ignition Historian DB and migration to the new gateway
You will need to be comfortable executing some SQL scripts to get this done. I can provide more details if you're interested in exactly what I did, though calling IA support may be the best solution forward.

Some more details are needed to get what you need - What exactly is being migrated (GW or db or both)? What database type are you using? Where is the database located?