Move image "object has no attribute 'isHome'"

I get these errors when I use the following script! What's the problem here?

"AttributeError: '' object has no attribute 'isHome'"

image = event.source.parent.getComponent('Image')

if image.isHome:
// Save Original position
image.initialX = image.x
image.initialY = image.y
// Some kind of calculation
newX = image.x + 500
newY = image.y + 100
// Move Image
system.gui.transform(image,newX, newY, duration=250)
// Image is not in original location anymore
image.isHome = 0
// Go back to original position
system.gui.transform(image,image.initialX, image.initialY, duration=250)
image.isHome = 1

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What is isHome ? A custom property on the Image component? Or elsewhere, perhaps? And where is this script? (What component, what event on that component?)

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You're image component (not sure what it is, probably an image) does not have a isHome attribte which you are trying to call with image.isHome. You can check out what attributes or methods are available with your component by getting the component with script console and using dir on it or @pturmel inspect function.