Move items programattically

Make X and Y positions available as properties for:

 Picture/Image objects

This would allow for significantly-improved animation options.

Derrr… Figured out how to do this without any changes to Ignition.


Would you like to share? :neutral_face:

Sorry, zxcslo, I missed your reply for a couple of months. :open_mouth:

Anyway, IA cleverly hid the answer in the Quick Start guide. I originally expected X, Y positioning to always show up in the Property Editor. It’s not quite that simple, but still possible. Here’s the method:



Alter’s a components position to a new pair of coordinates, (x,y), a point relative to the upper-left corner of the component’s parent. Note that when using relative layout, these coordinates are evaluated as if the component’s size was the same size as the last time the component was saved in the Designer. This effectively means that your argument coordinates will automatically scale with relative layout.[/color]