Move scroll bar in perspective table to the location of selected row

Hello everyone,

When I change the “SelectedRow” in the perspective table component, the scroll bar does not move to the selected row location. Below is the video. Any idea how this can be fixed? Thank you!

This isn't something you can directly do currently, though it's a feature on our backlog:

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Thank you, Paul!

If I want to do this indirectly, what would be the best method to do it? Should I use the Property change script on “SelectedRow”?
Not sure how to command the scroll bar to move to the selected row location. Do we even have any command for the scroll bar itself? I know there is one for vision but could not find any for perspective.

Nope, that’s exactly what I requested for. They need to expose the JavaScript function to scroll to position. It’s not possible to do now and there is no workaround like you can in Vision where you could manipulate the backend Java objects

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Thank you very much, Nick. Appreciate the information.