Moving analog indicator: Set positive direction

I am using analog indicators to show position of servo drives. Say for instance i have a linear horizontal movement that spans 2000mm.
I have drawn the screen to try and mimic the actual position in the plant. In this case the Left hand side is the servos full scale position (2000mm). And the Right hand side of the Analog Indicator should represent 0mm.

Problem is, the Moving Analog indicator seems to default to Low limit on the LHS and High limit on the RHS. Is there any way to reverse this? The only thing that seems to be reversed is the Indicator triangle.

Can you put an expression on the value property of

2000 - {tag}?

That should get the arrow in the right place, but the displayed value will still be wrong.

Yes I think i’ll have to do that.
And simply deselect the option to show value next to indicator.