Moving Device List from one gateway to another

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Has anyone ever tried to copy the list of devices on the gateway to another gateway? We are currently using the Enterprise Administration Module to copy over the project and tag info between the gateways.

Can the EAM handle this as well? Or is there some other trick to move them between gateways?


This may be what you were looking for in the 7point9manual
BEFORE YOU DO THIS, be sure to look at your subdirectory structures on BOTH gateways:

Exporting a Window

  1. In the Project Browser , select a window folder, right click, and select Export . The Export wizard will open.
  2. Check the windows and the resources that you would like to export.
  3. Click Export and choose a folder path for your backup file. Ignition will provide a default filename with the file extension ".proj."

Importing a Window

Importing windows is just as easy as exporting. You can replace or [restore] a window using the exported *.proj file.

  1. In the Project Browser , select the folder location where you want to add your window. Right click and select Import .
  2. Select the *.proj file from the folder location where you saved your export, and press Open . Ignition will create the folder path and window if it doesn’t already exist, or replace the existing window. That’s it!

Default export / import file type “.proj, .vwin”

In previous versions of Ignition, the export file type for windows was .vwin instead of .proj . Because Ignition is backwards compatible, it will accept both the current .proj and older .vwin file types when importing.
If that fails, you may want to check with their Support section- this should be routine.

Thanks for your response, but no, I was looking for a way to move over the OPC-UA device list to a different gateway, not windows.

I’m not sure if there is a way to do it via EAM, but if you are already copying projects and tags, it might be worth just using a gateway backup to copy everything over and just update licensing/gateway name and such. Can always remove anything extra afterwards.

Ignition User Manual 7.9 : Importing and Exporting Tags

Created by Robert McKenzie, last modified by Maria Ipsaro on Jan 19, 2017

Ignition can export and import Tag configurations to and from XML (Extensible Markup Language) or CSV (Comma Separated Value) file formats. This allows you to make changes to the Tag structure outside the Designer. The importing and exporting feature also becomes really important if you have a Tag database that you exported from a legacy system that you want to import into an Ignition database.

To Import and Export Tags

  1. Go to the Designer , select the desired folder from the Tag Browser that contains the Tags that you want to export. If you want to select all your Tags, click on the Tags folder. If you want to click on one Tag, click on the individual Tag.

  2. On the Tag Browser toolbar, click the Export icon to export, or Import icon to load a previously exported file.

  3. Specify the folder you want to export/input your Tags either to or from. Then choose either the .xml or .csv file type to export or import your Tags. The Save (to export) or the Open (to import) window is displayed. Note: Importing Tags from XML will overwrite Tags if an exact match is found.
    Remember what I said about paths? The path to the TAGS that you could import by moving an entire window or resources under that in the hierarchy needs to reflect where you intend to get the TAG source info. If the PLC or other resource PATH is the same, no problem. You will know it if the tag paths are wrong- they cannot update with real values. Tags are part of the resources under a window, and so there is more than one way to solve the issue. The above gives just TAGs, yet requires that you somehow send the file. EAM can do that by connections to GW databases, or you could keep the GWs separate and just move the Export Import File. In the case of EAM, there must first be a Gateway connection- hence the EAM module. grieveld is correct, watch the licensing issue.

From your Inductive Automation Account, go to the Support Section.
From there, find and download the appropriate manual eg. 7.9 or what you need
The download subdirectory of your PC should then have a .zip file in it.
If you were looking at the DOC79 version, you could then navigate to: Agent Task, send project. It is first necessary to configure the EAM module to make one a controller (EAM master, one only ) and one an Agent (they are both Ignition Gateways but not EAM nor Agent until SETUP - hence manual ).

This is not possible with the way EAM currently works, unfortunately. It’s on our list at some point to allow more in depth syncing through EAM, but we’ve been focused on higher priority items lately.

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Thank you for the answer. Looks like I will have to move them manually then. Easy to do, just time consuming.

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Is this still the case or has this changed?

Nothing has really changed in this regard. We’ve got vague plans to improve things here for 8.2, but no idea when that will actually be.

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I know this thread is for an individual device but what about coping the whole gateway setup?

There’s nothing supported outside of restoring an entire gateway backup.

Note that inside that .gwbk, gateway config is stored in a ‘plain’ SQLite file - nothing’s stopping you from running SQL commands on it, other than the possibility of completely destroying your gateway configuration :slight_smile:

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