Moving from RSView32

Is there a utility or instructions on moving a tag database from RSView32 to Ignition?

What are your options for exporting the tag database from RSView32?

It looks like you can export the tags into a .csv file from RSView32. You can import tags into the Ignition Designer that are in a .csv file. Looks like it will work, I would just check the formatting on the export to make sure it matches what Ignition uses.

I haven’t personally heard of anyone doing that yet, but maybe someone else on the forum has?

What format does RSView32 export its tags in?

An RSView32 tag extract file is attached…
Extruder Tags.CSV (77.1 KB)

The first section defines the folders and the second section defines the actual tags.

Ok, so it exports them to a CSV file. The export from RSView32 does not look to be the same format that Ignition uses. You will need to reformat the CSV file.

For reference, here is an example CSV tag export from Ignition.
sqltags.csv (10.6 KB)

Is this documented?

No, this has not been documented, nor do I think it has been tried. You can give it some more time and see if any other users of our software comment or offer a solution. I don’t know what kind of device (PLC) your reading values from, but if we have a driver for it, you can make the connection in the Ignition Gateway to the device then add the tags by dragging and dropping them into the designer.