Moving from Vision To perspective Mode

Hi Team,
I started my project in vision mode. I have designed some screens with scripting.
But now my project need to move all screens into perspective mode.
I need to start with perspective, as I referred scripting document in perspective is different compared to vision.

can you please suggest how can I start with this and where can I find some scripting examples in perspective. Do I need any other knowledge to work on this. Any training is available?

please help.

Thank you.

Perspective is totally different from Vision. None of the windows and templates you've created will work in Perspective--they have to all be re-created. Scripting on components is different, and you have to get used to the idea that scripts never run on the user's local machine.

You should go through all of the corresponding Inductive University training modules (free).

ok thank you.

scripts never run on the user's local machine mean what ?.
where I need to work on scripts.

I am watching [Inductive University] videos, but I didn't find any scripting examples as in vision videos.

please guide me.

Thank you.

It means they run in the gateway, where you cannot use message boxes or other UI elements. You can only set properties or cause actions that update the Perspective web page.

ok, but still I am not clear on this. Its fine I will start with the perspective script documents.