Moving-Grouping tags in Folders - Repoint windows

If I move tags into some groups for better organization within Ignition, How can I re-point tags in current project windows to the new locations easily?

Currently we have machines individually in folders under “Tags” within SQLTags browser. I wish to make folders for similar machines and then move the individual machines under that.


We are currently working on a global search and replace feature, but there is nothing that will exactly fit with what you want right now.

For the brave: there is a way to modify the raw XML of a window, but it’s not for the faint of heart. Always make a backup of your windows before attempting an operation like this. If you make a mistake, it is VERY hard to find and fix, and it’s very easy to cause deserialization errors when you manually modify a window. If you hold shift and right-click a window two extra options show up: ‘Copy XML To Clipboard’ and ‘Set XML From Clipboard’. You can use these to copy, modify and paste the XML back into your project using any text editor with a search and replace function.


Thanks, thought I might be overlooking the simple.

Looks like we have a user that needs removed above.


This post was 2010. Do you have the ability to do this now??

The current search and replace dialog does work on tag paths in bindings, so, yes.

Press Ctrl-F in the designer to bring up the Find/Replace window.