Moving Item In Column Container Deletes Breakpoints

When moving an item… IE label from one place to another inside a container the breakpoints get deleted.
Linux Native Designer
Ubuntu Mate 16.04

@bwhitson I can’t reproduce this. Would you be able to try on the 8.0.1 nightly?

I’m closing this post due to inactivity. If you are still seeing this issue, please let us know.

Hi, I am having a similar issue. When i try to move a component inside the column container other labels inside the column container moves around and gets into a different position. Would you be able to point me in the right direction on why it is happening?
Thank you.

It depends on the values within the breakpoints of the other Labels.

Things to check:

  1. For a given breakpoint, see if the other labels have the same rowIndex as the Label you are moving originated on, or the same rowIndex as the Label is placed into. Components within a row will move to make space for others depending on the declared span of a component and that components colIndex value. For example, if “LabelA” has rowIndex = 0, and colIndex = 0, and you drag a label, “LabelB”, to the very upper-left of the Column Container, then LabelA will shift to the right, and set its colIndex to whatever the span of LabelB is.
  2. If the combined span values of all components in a row is greater than 12, they will begin to overflow the row. We often encounter users who have three Label components equally dispersed in a row, and therefore the user’s set the span to 4. But they then add a fourth Label to the same row. Now the combined span is greater than 12, and so the final component in the row actually appears below the row, even though the rowIndex is the same.
  3. The same behavior described in part 2 can be encountered if a user supplies a colIndex greater than 11, or a span plus a colIndex for a single component which is greater than 12.

We might be able to help a little better if you could recored a video of this occurring within the Designer.