Moving labels that have angled text

It just occurred to me that I don’t think I reported this bug.

If you angle text (ex, set angle to 270) none of your movement arrows or coordinates will do anything that makes sense. All arrow keys will make it move up and to the right. coordinates will not line up with anything that makes sense so you basically trial and error plug in numbers until the box is in a place that works. Resizing the control jumbles everything again.

We need a bit more info before we can act on this, because I can’t replicate it in 8.0.10 (nightly).
What version are you on currently? Could you supply the view.json file for the View in use?

Oh shoot, I switched what system I was working on and am working on an older version than I realized.

Sorry about that. I can confirm the bug is fixed in 8.09. I was working on another gateway that’s at 8.05.

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Okay, good. The issue you described was fixed as part of our component rotation back in… 8.0.6(?).

That’s probably correct. I didn’t end up doing anything in 8.06 because I was on a big project that was on 8.05 and then we eventually upgraded that to 8.08 so I didn’t actually work in 8.06.