Moving object

Unfortunately, true path based animation is not currently available, although this is a pending feature.

There are two types of animation that are currently supported
[li]Rotational Animation. This type of animation is achieved by binding the rotation property of an object to make the object spin (fan blades, etc)[/li]
[li]Frame based animation. In this type of animation, you make each frame of your animation as an image, and then bind the Image Path property to an expression that flips between each frame.[/li][/ol]

For the example you proposed, frame based animation would be the most appropriate. A variation on frame based animation is to have each frame as a separate object, and bind the Visible property of the objects so that only one is visible at a time.

Like I said, path-based animation is a pending feature, but unfortunately we do not have a timeline for this one yet.

Thanks for your patience,