Moving popup windows

There seems to be a way to center a newly opened window, but is there a way to move a window so that it is “next to” the component that was clicked to open the popup? Does anyone have any experience doing this, and can share their technique?

You might want to take a look at the system.gui.convertPointToScreen() function. It will spit out the xy coordinates relative to the upper left corner of the monitor. From there you can move your window to accordingly (taking client headers/borders into account).

Thanks, I will explore with that. But how does one move a window?

[code]def getBanner(event):
import system
window = system.gui.getWindow(“Banner”)
except ValueError:
window = system.nav.openWindow(“Banner”)

return window

def placeBanner(event,x,y):
import app
window = app.banner.getBanner(event)

def placeBannerAbsolute(event,x,y):
import app,system
window = app.banner.getBanner(event)
loc = system.gui.convertPointToScreen(x, y, event)

Thank you, that looks great.