Moving project back to 7.9 from 8.0

As mentioned in the title, I need to move a project back to 7.9. Unfortunately this project was made in 8.0 and it seems like the 7.9 gateway cannot import the file, even when I save the export file in 8.0 as a .proj. I’m fairly new to Ignition and wonder if there is something I’m missing.

The Error given by the gateway is:
“Error parsing project file. Content is not allowed in prolog.”

Thanks in advance.

I doubt you’ll be able to downgrade from 8 to 7. They changed the Major Revision for a reason, and I’m fairly certain that is why you’re getting an error.

Unfortunately it’s not possible to go this direction.

I was afraid that this would be the case. Could there be a way to reuse some of my work without having to recreate all the graphics? By exporting them as SVG’s or something?

I think you can shift click on windows to export as XML… this format may be importable into 7.9. If there’s a version number somewhere in the XML you’ll have to decrement it by hand and hope for the best.

What Kevin said. Also when you try the import, do it in a test gateway first. That way if something locks up the gateway you aren’t stuck.

Doesn’t work! :frowning: