Moving Servers with SQL DB

I have been given the task of moving Ignition from and old server to a new server. I thought it would be a sensible idea to get some input on the process.

Current architecture:
Main - 1 x Server running Ignition 7.9.6 & MSSQL
Backup - 1 x Server running Ignition 7.9.6 & MSSQL

New architecture:
Main - 1 x Server running Ignition
Backup - 1 x Server running Ignition
Main - 1 x Server running SQL
Backup - 1 x Server running SQL

  1. install Ignition 7.9.14 on the Main & Backup.
    Will I have Issues importing a 7.9.6 backup.gwbk into a Gateway running 7.9.14?

  2. As we have an SQL DB attached. I am trying to work out the best way to swap over. while causing minimal downtime.
    After I have copied the data from the old DB to the new DB, I was thinking to force fail over to the backup gateway which will be on the new Server and writing to the New DB, Then while the primary is offline I can swap it to the new servers.


Shouldn’t be with a minor version upgrade like that, but to be sure you should read the release notes of every minor version in-between yours and run an upgrade in a Sandbox to be sure

Depends on how much data you are willing to lose.

I would look into pausing the current backup, copying it over to new backup with the bulk of the data, then running a script to copy the data (new data only) that was lost when it was paused.

Thank for the Reply.

I am currently backing up 1.6TB from the Old servers and moving it to the new.
Being new to SQL whats the best way to “fill in” the last 6 hours while it copied over?

I’m not familiar with MS SQL Server’s replication capabilities, but that’s where I’d look. When you are ready to flip the switch, you demote the old server to slave and promote the new server to master.