Moving tags from 7.8.5 to 8.1.x

Can I just export and import the tags from 7.8.5 to 8.1.x?Thx,jake

If it’s a new install of 8.1.x the default OPC UA server name will be slightly different.

But why would you do this instead of upgrade or restore a backup instead?

I’m building it on my local system first.

Anybody have any thoughts. I’m assuming above I can just search and replace the opcua server name and they will import and work right away.

You can search and replace, yes.

But what about all your devices? Those aren’t part of a tag import/export.

Oh crap, forgot about that, can I import and export those as well? I have a couple thousand and would really not like doing that by hand.Thx, Jake

They’ll be part of a full gateway backup. You can’t import/export them any other way.

Is upgrading our current server safe? We use vision on it, so if that can continue to work while I do the perception stuff it seems like a better way to handle this, we use the historian as well. We also use vnc on local servers for mobile access, that that still work the same?Thx

It’s safe in theory, but I would not recommend that you do it.

7.8 to 8.1 is a big enough change that you should be upgrading or installing on a development server and verifying that everything works.

Is the linux stuff the same? Is it based on java, with an app to get the vision app running. We are in the cloud, so I can just clone the drive, spin up another and then change the ip’s if everthing is good.Thx