Moving tags to new folder

I have about 100 tags that are working already in graphics. I want to organize them better.
Input parameters folder
Control folder
Readings folder
Alarms Folder

I know if I move them graphics wont work, So what is the easiest way to do this ?

Easiest? That ship has sailed, my friend… :slight_smile:

However, I would copy/paste the tags into whatever structure you want, then use find/replace to adjust how the tags are used. After that, delete the original tags.


As far as I know, the tags can be exported and change its subfolder locations and import back to designer, but object binding will have to be manually done, even if its the object properties are bound dynamically to those tags. This would have been easy if there was a way to export all the object. Right now, there is only window can be exported, which will have its all objects.
What you can do is, with out obstructing the running, HMI, you may create a copy of the tags to the subfolder where you want and export the graphics window and re-assign the new tag location manually and if everything works fine, the old one can be deleted.
Let’s see if anyone else has other option to make this transition in an easy way.

I have done this before with integrator, he should me how to open window under HTML and I cans see lots of information form tag paths, maybe find and replace there ?? or maybe export to excel ?

Hold shift and right click the window name (one level above root container) in the project browser, option is now there to export XML. Paste into Notepad ++

Have to agree with Jordan… Moving one tag folder at a time, open find/replace, find old tag path and replace with new, test and move on to the next folder. I have had to do this before and it was pretty easy (albeit not quick).

You’ll only have to do it once though… because you’ll remember the pain from the last time and plan a bit better the next time. :mag:

Although, as we all know… sometimes you inherit poor planning.

As you were,

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Thank you guys for the help.