Moving Template inside window based on tag value in Ignition 8

Is there an easy way to add position properties to a template?

I need to have a component and a few labels move together across the screen to show the position of a hoist and it’s relevant data.

So far I haven’t found any simple way to bind the position of the template to a tag, seems like moveComponent and transform don’t work for components that don’t possess position properties.

Any help would be appreciated.

Use system.gui.transform in a property change script filtered to a property bound to a tag containing the position of the hoist. Position properties are not required, though you could give it position properties like xPosition and yPosition and have your property change script run on changes to those.

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Thanks for the reply, worked like a charm.

We’re just trialing the software so I’m starting with the basics.
Think before I tried the transform as a client event script and that didn’t work for me but binding to the custom property makes much more sense.

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