Moving the default loading animation in Ignition Vision

Hi, I’m a new user of Ignition and this forum (first post yay!) so I hope I’m in the right section.

I’m using one of the custom template for vision. At first my pages loads quite fast so I did not notice it but now I see that there’s a custom loading animation on the top right corner. It is annoying coz now I have put som components there and I really don’t want to move them. So is there a way to move the loading gif instead? Like at the centre of the page or something

2020-09-01 09_24_37-Windows 10 x64 - VMware Workstation 15 Player (Non-commercial use only)

Thanks !!

We don’t directly expose any ability to move that loading indicator. That said, there’s probably some level of Java Swing hacking that could do it. You’ll probably want to look around the forum for threads about customizing the menu bar - from that top level you’ll need to drill down and find that loading indicator.

After alot of digging, we decided just to cut up our algorithm and make our page load fast enough so the loading indicator don’t stay up for too long, I will keep and eye out for future solutions :smile:

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