Moving Time series chart to another view

I would like to transfer time series charts from one view to another. If I copy-paste chart to new view, it does not show data anymore. New graph displays exclamation point on the PROPS header, where tooltip says “series[0].data: should be valid to one and only one of the schemas”. The problem reappears even if I delete the series and create a new one. I had no problems copy-pasting labels and other components.


The Timeseries chart can be copied and pasted. The error seems to be telling you that the data should only be coming from one schema. Can you please post the binding so I can take a look?

Hi, this is the binding:

“type”: “tag-history”,
“config”: {
“aggregate”: “SimpleAverage”,
“avoidScanClassValidation”: true,
“dateRange”: {
“endDate”: “midnight(dateArithmetic({parent.custom.selectedDay}, 1, "day"))”,
“startDate”: “midnight({parent.custom.selectedDay})”
“enableValueCache”: true,
“ignoreBadQuality”: false,
“preventInterpolation”: true,
“returnFormat”: “Wide”,
“returnSize”: {
“delay”: “5”,
“delayUnits”: “MIN”,
“type”: “INTERVAL”
“tags”: [
“alias”: “Solar power”,
“path”: “[MainDB/ignition-infinite:localtagprovider]solaredge/calculatedtags/power/i_ac_power_calc”
“alias”: “Consumption”,
“path”: “[MainDB/ignition-infinite:localtagprovider]solaredge/calculatedtags/power/consumption”
“alias”: “Netto production”,
“path”: “[MainDB/ignition-infinite:localtagprovider]solaredge/calculatedtags/power/m_ac_power_calc”
“valueFormat”: “DATASET”