Moving values from multiple PLCs into a memory tag to put in a Transaction Group

I’m working on a delivery system w/ mulitple PLCs. These requests will appear in a table as they are requested from the multiple PLCs.

I want to put the values in a Transaction Group to show in a Power Table. For example, I want to show the P/N, Location, and Production Line No. of the requests. My thought is I could create memory tags that the multiple PLCs could write to as they are being requested.

Is this possible to be done through Ignition?

I’m a little confused on what you actually want to do with the data from multiple plcs.
Do you want to store them in a SQL Database using a transaction group?
If so then yes that will work easily. Just create the tags, then drag and drop them to the transaction group and setup the schedule and table to write them to.

Do you want to just display values from multiple PLCs in a Power Table format?
If so you could do this in scripting on the window.
I would use a system.tag.readAll call with all of the tags in there, loop the resultset adding the values to a dataset. Then set the powertables data property to that dataset.

Or if it is a single row of the same columns you can just do a cell update binding on the power table.

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