Moxa E1214 ioLogik Output writing issue

Hello everyone,

I have a weird issue I’m dealing with. I have the feeling I’m missing something simple to fix it, but I haven’t been able to figure it out, perhaps some of you can help.

I have an Ignition gateway running MQTT Distributor and Engine. I also have a Moxa UC-8100-ME-T Gateway connected to the Ignition server. This is working fine.

The Moxa Gateway is running ThingsPro2 and is connected to a E1214 6DI/6DO module via Modbus TCP. This is also working fine, I can read the values and everything. The issue is when I write to the outputs of the E1214 card. I can turn the outputs ON, but I cannot turn the OFF. The Modbus communication in the Modbus gateway is quite straightforward, it works based on individual commands, so if I want to both read and write Coil 5 for example, I need 1 Register to Read it and another to Write it, this translates into 2 “tags” which are transferred to the MQTT module of the gateway, so I would have tag “DO5” and tag “DO5_W” for example.

Now, from the Ignition side I can write to the DO5_W and turn outputs on, then the DO5 read works in that it indicates whether the output is on or off. But then when I try to write a 0/False to the DO5_W registry it does not work. I initially thought it had something to do with the way the tag works (one way). Namely, since the gateway has individual commands Ignition does not know that the signal is ON and therefore sends a one/True when trying to manually change it from the tag navigator. But I’ve tried to write a 0/False via script and I still can’t manage to turn the signals off…

Do you have any clue what’s going on? Am I missing something obvious? or did I find some weird bug in the Moxa Gateway/Ignition?

Thanks beforehand and I hope you can help.


Sound like a bug in the Moxa.

Just to update ya’ll.

I don’t know if I made a mistake yesterday or if the firmware update on the ioLogik did the trick, but using bi-directional bindings and scripts now work.

Considering how the gateway works though (2 separate tags to read and write modbus via mqtt) makes the tag navigator kind of useless to test outputs as one normally would. But otherwise I got it working.