Moxa Model MGate MB3180 connect whit ignition


I will connect a diveces Moxa Model MGate MB3180 whit modbus connect whit ignition, I have the divaces connect to my network and I have comunation for ping but I can't connect by ignition.

Has anyone done something like this?

I have this configuration on ignition

and this on moxa diveces

These are very common and reliable Modbus gateways, so it is unlikely to be the Moxa device at fault. You are showing common settings for the Moxa, but what about the target devices? What are the address ranges and types of the data you are trying to read/write? What symptoms are you experiencing? What does the driver status show?

I use a stack of the 3170's, which are essentially the same thing just in DIN rail mount form.

Go to your Gateway->Status->Devices (varies by platform... you have tagged 4 major versions)

Go to your device and look at the logs, turn them to trace for additional detail.

Check your wiring, try swapping A and B on the end device.

Modbus is not browsable, you must create the tags yourself. If your device has digital then start with that, with the syntax 1.C1 etc for coil 1, with the 1. prefix being for the nodeID on RTU. This is fully explained in the manual.

Another very common thing is go to advanced settings and try different combinations of one-based (zero-based) addressing and reverse word order settings.

Additionally, I have never used a 3180, but in the 3170, there is a section for serial settings. The default, from memory, is RS232. Ensure you set this to what you are using, set the correct baud rate, parity, stop bits.

only it is connecting


I just connected one to an 8.1.25 Gateway. It shows connected even though there are no RTU devices attached.

Share a screenshot of a browser with the moxa IP at the top.

Ensure you have the default gateway set if there is a router on the LAN.

Your errors show remote=/, where your device IP is Which usually means you aren't looking at the right errors.

From a console on your gateway, you should try pinging

sorry, I recibe this error

That error is usually cosmetic for 3rd party modules, but suggests you've tried installing multiple versions of the Modbus driver module. You can only use the Modbus driver module that came with your platform version.

You will have to restart your gateway after re-installing the correct Modbus driver.

hello, now is connected, only change the port, in the manual used the port 502 and I change by 4900