MQTT bad formatted packet (IFM MasterIOLink)

Hello everyone,

I’m trying to get data from an IFM Master IO Link (AL1322).
The connection works great.

CirrusClient 16May2023 11:38:13 ME-4aacfd3a-8014-42a5: MQTT Client connected to tcp:// on thread Thread-60054
CirrusClient 16May2023 11:38:12 ME-4aacfd3a-8014-42a5: Connected to tcp://
CirrusClient 16May2023 11:38:12 ME-4aacfd3a-8014-42a5: connect with retry succeeded

But I can’t manage to know why I keep having this warning and I can’t get my data.
NettyMQTTHandler 16May2023 11:39:14 Error decoding a packet, probably a bad formatted packet, message: Invalid protoName: MQTT

My Master configuration :


If one of you already did this, I would love some help.

Thank you very much.

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