MQTT cache on disconnect

HI All,

I’ve recently installed an ignition Edge instance with MQTT and connected it to my main Ignition Gateway install with the Cirrus Link MQTT modules.

The data is streaming perfectly, I then set the tags on the main Ignition Gateway to save historic values. The issue I’m having is that when there is a disconnect between the edge and Gateway the tag values for the disconnect time are being lost. My understanding is that the tag’s historic values we be repopulated on the connection restore.

Under MQTT Transmission I did setup the history for it.
The other issue is all the links to the help docs are not running, I have submitted a ticket to both Cirrus and Ignition about that.

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Hi Dilan,

I’m running into the same issue myself. Did you ever solve this?


Hi Mike,

I managed to get it going once getting hold of the Documentation from Cirrus Link, it looks like their document server is off right now, maybe contract them like I did and then you can follow the documentation (

I was able to get it going by creating a disk-backed memory store on my remote gateway.