MQTT Cellular Router Options

Can someone suggest any cellular routers they use with MQTT?

More specifically, send and receive data from a broker in Ignition (with the Cirrus Links modules)?

I don’t know any cellular modem/router that has embedded MQTT features.

But I can recommend a great cellular modem/router (Digi IX10) built like a tank, has all the features you could ever use, easy to program.

I can also recommend an MQTT Gateway that can be used with almost any PLC.
The Maple Systems G01 (MQTT GATEWAY) super easy to setup and program and uses the Sparkplug B protocol which will make it super easy to use with Cirrus Link/Ignition

Thanks for your feedback.

I know there is Red Lion FlexEdge Cellular Modems that provide the MQTT sparkplug protocol.

I was hoping if anyone knew any others so we could compare in price.

I saw the maple system MQTT gateway recently and it may be an option at some point.

Never used MQTT. But I use Teltonika routers. On RUT955 manual they said can be used as broker or publisher.
Think other series may be MQTT enabled. You can take a look and see if it suits your needs.