MQTT Client Driver in Kepserver 6.4

Just heard the good news today. Kepware is adding a MQTT driver to their driver suite, which means that ingesting data from MQTT devices will be possible with native Kepware and that data can be then exposed over OPC into Ignition.

Cirrus Link MQTT engine is a seamless integration with Ignition!

Just so everybody understands the dedication Cirrus Link has with Ignition, I introduced the Maple System Hmi to Mr. Arlen Nippers because even though Maple Systems Hmi is a MQTT Publisher, Ignition did not understand the “Array Format” that Maple System was using to transmit the MQTT Protocol.

Once I was able to provide him with the data structure of the string being transmitted he “Immediately” re-wrote the MQTT driver for Ignition to interpret their MQTT DATA STRING!!

That is way above and beyond the call of duty!!!


So if you need an “Edge of the Network” device that really is “Plug and Play” you might want to read on.

Using Maple System Hmi with Ignition

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When we created our own edge of network device we linked it back to Ignition using MQTT as the data transmission protocol (the part it’s meant for!) and then wrote an MQTT to OPC bridge which ran on the Ignition server. This allowed us to integrate with Ignition without the hassle of writing drivers or the expense of purchasing an off the shelf solution.

I like MQTT - it’s simple and efficient over the network - but it’s not automatically better than established standards like OPCUA. Current MQTT offerings look too expensive for what they are.

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