MQTT connection freeze during operation


I have a few IoT setup at different sites, local Ignition edge running at site PC, talking to cloud Ignition gateway via MQTT.

For over the last 6 months, there are a few incidents when the site process values stop updating on the gateway, but ignition didn’t show any error or alarm. I will have to login local edge unit and refresh MQTT transmission control to get the connection back to normal.

Did anyone have the same issue before?

My question is:

  1. there’s no alarm/warning when the MQTT stopped refreshing the values. Is there any way to detect this abnormal connection?
  2. Anyway to prevent this issue from happening again?

I did some looking around in an effort to help, and I found this documentation that looked like it could be applicable: Monitoring MQTT Node Control Tags

Here is another resource with quite a bit of information on MQTT troubleshooting: Cirrus Link Forum

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