MQTT Distributor on a cloud server

Hi there,

I’m working for the first time on MQTT data transmission with Ignition.
For my tests i have installed Cirrus Link MQTT Distributor and MQTT Engine on my cloud server and installed Ignition Edge with the Transmission Module on my local PC (as described on this link :

I can’t connect to the cloud MQTT server (with a public IP Adress) from the local PC where Edge is installed.
However if i install the Transmission Module on the cloud server, i can connect to the broker easily.

When using MQTTfx on the cloud server i can connect to the broker but when using it on a remote machine i can’t connect to the broker either.

Can the MQTT Distributor Module be used with a cloud Architcture or do i have to use a 3rd party broker ?


Of course it works with a cloud server… that’s the real purpose of an MQTT broker like the distributor.
Just drop an email to your local French distributor to get support :wink: in your TZ.
They have a lot of experience with MQTT architecture in various scenarios.
But for your actual case, just check if ports 1883/8090 or whatever you’ve are allowed.


Thanks Gilles, will do so !
I did open the port 1883,8883 and 8090 on my cloud server.
Don’t know what i am doing wrong.

call me. phone number in PM.

Hi Pascal,
Found any solution for your issue?
I’m Facing the same issue.
Can you suggest me any document or any solution.
Thank you.

Hi, unfortunately, i did not find any solution for that and didn’t have much time to dig further on this subject.
Will let you know if I ever get it working :confused: