MQTT Edge - ABB TotalFlow Module

After viewing the webinar today I was poking around the Ignition Edge documentation and on the Edge IIoT page ( I noticed this little snippit:

Edge IIoT activates the following modules:

  • MQTT Transmission
  • Opto22 SNAP PAC driver
  • Emerson ROC driver
  • ABB TotalFlow

Is this module actually released? I cannot find any more information on it, let alone a download link


We’re working on it and getting close. We should have a beta available within the next couple of months.

Awesome! Happy to hear that. We’re eagerly looking forward to it.

Do you know if this would be an Edge only module, or if it would be able to be applied to a normal Ignition installation?

It’ll work for Edge and standard Ignition installations.

Is the ABB module available yet?

Not quite but we’re getting close. Hopefully in a couple of weeks the beta will be available.

I am assuming this is something that will only work with G5?

It should work with G2 late, G3, G4, and G5. We haven’t tested against all hardware versions yet but the protocol implementation should support these four variants.

ah ok, I am assuming that the module will have to be run on some type of hardware at the location of the totalflow. I was more or less wondering if the G5 would support mqtt natively but it doesnt appear that way yet.


I see that the module beta has been released!

Any info on pricing? Do you know if it’s going to be a one time payment or is it a yearly / per device fee?

Thank you

Please contact They’ll be able to answer these questions. But, I believe it is sold just like any other third party module for a fixed cost with an optional annual support contract.

Will do,

Thank you Wes