MQTT Enable Standard Image for K8

I am working to setup Ignition with K8 using a docker image and I need features like source control, MQTT, Database connection to MS SQL outside of docker.

There are a lot of custom images out there that are based on the Ignition image and wondering if there is a way with docker compose to setup MQTT with the standard image that would allow something like IIOT_MODULES_ENABLED=mqtt-transmission,mqtt-engine,mqtt-distributor and would also need to apply the license etc etc.

Is there more information somewhere about using docker compose to configure? I know I will need to convert the compose to K8 as well. Any help would be great.

@kcollins1 is your man.

He had sent me some links to video tutorials via PM, however, the link has now expired (twitch).

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There are also now elective studies regarding Ignition with Docker on IU. I haven't gotten around to watching them yet.

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