MQTT Engine get downlinks tags


I work with an automaton which send me data through MQTT Engine.
I can update some parameters with downlinks by changing tags values. For that I use system.cirrusLink.engine.publish().
My problem : all params tags are not visible in my tag browser because the automaton never sends their values to the broker so the tag doesn't exist.
When my automaton start is there a solution to get all my params tag ?


Hi Flavien,

So you can't update the param tags with values because they don't exist, and the tags aren't created by MQTT unless they have values? Or rather a tag is not created in Ignition until the value of said tags change from their initial value?

Yes for the first question. I can't do anything until the automaton send the first msg to the MQTT Engine. This 1st msg create the param tag.

Do you have a solution ?

You should let the server set the timeout. Even if the variable has not changed, it will be refreshed once after the timeout period is reached.
If you are using MQTT5 then you can ask the server to provide a function. You publish a message with specific Property, and when the server receives the message, the server immediately publishes all variables.
In short, you have to modify the server.