MQTT Engine not connecting to AWS IOT Platform

Hello all, we are using the MQTT Engine module to try and connect to a broker that another team has hosted in AWS. When attempting to set MQTT Engine up with the server, I am unable to get it to connect properly. I'll host up the settings and errors im getting and hopefully someone has some info or feedback that might help me out.

When running through with ssl as the url protocol, i receive this error.

When changing it to TCP, I receive
{}: Connect attempt has timed out
other than that, I don't receive any other error.

If anyone has any idea's or can offer any additional insight, that would be very much appreciated. :slight_smile:

Also, i added the AWS cert into the additional certs used by java, and have used the same certs on ignition on a previous gateway, so i believe it to be a cert issue when using SSL. the problem is, i am not entirely sure where else the problem would be with certs since they are in the cert store on windows server as well as the additional certs in the install directory, as well as the settings.