MQTT Engine Server - Not Connected

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I am working with the MQTT Engine, Transmission and Distribution modules in the Ignition Web Interface. By default, the MQTT Engine module came with a Chariot SCADA serve running at tcp://
My web interface is running at
I am trying to setup another MQTT Engine Server to run at tcp:// I followed the same settings as is in the Chariot SCADA server. The problem is, Chariot SCADA server shows up with a status “Connected” while my Test Server shows up a status of “Not Connected”. I would like to request for help in solving this issue. Thank you .

Now that you’ve created this new server definition, there should be some indication of the nature of the connection failure in the logs.

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Thank you and this is the log in there

Am I unable to connect with the custom IP address because my web interface is on localhost? Or is this something else? Please let me know about it and thank you.

The MQTT Broker that you’re using needs to be reachable from your gateway. Is the computer running Ignition on the same subnet? Is Ignition installed directly on that computer? You should be able to test the connection to that other system with something like telnet to verify that you can establish a socket connection to it (from where you’re running Ignition).

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My computer is running Ignition on localhost and not Ignition is installed in this system and is it not possible to setup a custom MQTT Engine server to run at when my Ignition is running at localhost:8088?

When you install Ignition, it binds to port 8088 on all interfaces. This means that you can access it via localhost (i.e., but you could also access it by other IP addresses that computer might have (such as your ethernet connection or wifi). In order to make a successful outbound connection to another system (like the MQTT Broker you’re targeting), you’ll have to have some kind of network connection and route to connect to it through.