MQTT Engine, sparkplug values, timestamp not updating

We have some sparkplug devices sending data to a MQTT distributor module.

If the values sent from the sparkplug device are the same as the current values in the MQTT engine. The timestamp in the Ignition tag system(MQTT-Engine) are not updating. Should not the timestamp update, even though the value is the same?

This gives a trend w/ gaps, alot of gaps. see the attached picture of two values always beeing sent at the same time. Here it can be seen that if the timestamp value has not been updated, a gap will occur.

I only want gaps to occure if the quality of the signal is something other than “Good”.

FYI, we use Ignition Historian for storing the values.

Ignition 8.05

Also, if I want to run a tag event script on this. How often will that fire? I guess only when the value received by the MQTT Engine actually differs from the last value?

I am having a similar issue. I would like all of the tags to have an updated timestamp, regardless if it’s changed. Did you find a solution to this?

Not sure if it helps but in all my MQTT transmissions I include the date and time stamp from the device. That way in the message there is always a value that is different.

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The feedback I got from the devs which I agree with is that the values are not sent if they are the same, which make sense.

The gap problem was never solved I believe. Please reply if you guys find a solution

That is a GREAT Idea!!! @craigb