MQTT Engine status not connected since install (Cirrus Link Modules)

Hi all!

I'm currently working on setting up Ignition to be an MQTT broker. I've been following the setup guide posted by Ignition - 12 Quick Lessons on Implementing MQTT in Ignition | Inductive Automation - (along with other things I found online) and it has been very helpful overall. I am currently facing an issue I don't fully understand however, upon install the status of my default Chariot SCADA engine has been 'not connected'. Despite my best efforts to find a way to connect it with the distributor I cannot seem to win.

Currently I have mosquitto running on the localhost no issues and can activate and de-activate it as I please. For some reason or another I cannot make Ignition work properly like/with this engine or the distributor.

This is the configuration on both my engine and distributor:

I have tried 'localhost' and IP addresses associated with my system (wifi and ethernet which have different IPs) for the "***" in the URL. I have restarted the modules, gateway and even PC the broker is to be running on. I also ensured that the main enabling functions were on. As well as trying several different user configurations and ensuring my client had the correct credentials to subscribe.

Any insight into how to solve this problem would be most appreciated.

Thank you,