MQTT Engine updates value, but not Tag Provider (Maker Edition)

Hi community,

at the moment I am having some trouble using MQTT in Ignition.

I want to create a visualization for my home automation system iobroker using the Maker Edition of Ignition.
Both gateways are running on the same machine in Docker Containers in macvlan configuration, so all ports will be published.
They are publishing to the same MQTT Broker on the Ignition gateway.

Unfortunately, the values received by iobroker are updating on the Engine module but not in the Tag Provider.

Here the Transmitter and Engine Settings.
No custom Namespaces are used.

Sometimes I can see an Error and Warning message in the log.
The disconnect from 27Jul2023 07:11:48 was a testing client and has nothing to do with the productive system.

I tried to follow the advices on the following topic without success as well.

FYI, the other way around works fine, I managed to control an LED strip from IKEA.

Best regards,

It looks like you have an instance of a UDT in a tag provider called HOME_VISU_PROVIDER. However, it looks like the tags within there are just memory tags. Perhaps you were wanting to use reference tags to connect to those values in the MQTT Engine tag provider?

Re-reading this again, I see now that you're publishing the tags from that provider using MQTT Transmission, and seeing them come up through MQTT Engine. Where are you writing the 22.87 value to? Based on what I'm seeing there, you'd write 22,87 value to [HOME_VISU_PROVIDER]MQTT Tags/Temperatur Badezimmer/temperature at which point you'd see it publish up and show up in MQTT Engine provider (as well as your other subscriber, iobroker?).

Hi Kevin,

actually I am publishing the data from iobroker using node red with the module "node-red-contrib-mqtt-sparkplug-plus".
The module is transfereing the following metrics into Sparkplug B.

First I was publishing Temperatur Badezimmer/temperature, but chaned that to MQTT Tags/Temperatur Badezimmer/temperature now.
Still without success.

Actually I used memory tags, because it was shown in the videos for MQTT from Inductive Automation.
I wil try to use reference tags.

Also this is what I receive when I change the value directly in the Tag provider by hand and therefor publish from Ignition.

Okay, I think the issue here is that you're trying to publish the same thing from two places (MQTT Transmission and your ioBroker). That would also explain the sequence number check error you're seeing. Sounds like you might only need MQTT Engine?

Yes you are right, that was one of the Problems.
Now I separate the messages coming from Ignition and Iobroker, you can say IN and OUT of Ignition.

Also I am using reference tags now, which seems to be a pretty good solution.
Especially as you can setup variable Source Tag Path, for example "[MQTT Engine]Edge Nodes/Ignition/HOME_VISU/1000/Iobroker/{InstanceName}/available".

Thanks a lot for your help, now I can continue working on my home visu.

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