MQTT Engine wont connect to The Things Stack public broker

Hi all,

I was wondering if anyone had has this issue where the MQTT engine wont connect to the TTS puclic MQTT broker.

Just to further set the baseline, what version of Ignition and MQTT Engine are you using?

Just in case you hadn’t found this yet, Cirrus Link did put up a special article on how to configure MQTT Engine for connection to TTN MQTT Integration here: Do I need to do anything special to connect to my TTN ( broker - MQTT Modules for Ignition 8.x - Confluence

Based on inspecting your error logs, it looks like the connection is being rejected after an invalid subscription to +/LSD/#… I think your subscriptions need to align with those discussed here in the TTN MQTT Integration docs on Subscribing to Upstream Traffic. Note: this is where you’ll also have to configure the String Replacement functionality in MQTT Engine 4.0.10 or higher (to get rid of the @ character in the topic definitions for compatibility with the Ignition Tag system).

One other note, probably should consider using TLS over port 8883 for more secure connection to TTN. Shouldn’t need any extra configuration wrt CA certs or anything.

Hi Kevin,

Thanks for the useful information. I followed the procedure on Cirrurs Link’s Confluence, however, I still cannot get the the connection to work. Thanks for your help.

In the event it helps further, here is a snapshot from my local Maker gateway that I’m using to bring in some LoRaWAN sensor data:

Hi Kevin,

Thanks for the screenshots they really helped.
The broker is now connected.

Thanks for your support!

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