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Is it possible to download and merge datalogs from a remote telemetry RTU into the Ignition historian database using MQTT module?. If NOT, what’s the alternative solution?.

I did some deep research into Cirrus Link MQTT solution for Ignition, but it doesn’t mention anywhere about downloading and merging remote datalogs with Ignition historian. Not sure, if i missed something. Pls clarify.

Only if the edge of network device or the RTU itself had support for this and had some way to understand that you were trying to request datalogs and there was a shared understanding about what topic they would be sent back on.

MQTT itself is just a transport. The Cirrus Link MQTT modules provide a little more structure on top of MQTT via the open Sparkplug protocol that is layered on top of MQTT, but it requires that the edge of network understand and support both MQTT and Sparkplug.

The RTU which i am proposing to deploy as a front end data aggregator for remote PLCs and controllers has the capability to send time stamped csv files by ftp. In this case, i think the text parser of Instrument Interface module can be configured to parse these files, update tag values and merge the datalogs with historical database. May be, it needs to be customized with some good python scripting.

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I am inviting opensource “MQTT / Node.js” developers and enthusiasts to evaluate Ignition MQTT solution.

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What about the ESP?

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