MQTT invalid tag at path

Hello all. I am using 8.1.26, engine module 4.0.16. Tags are added to MQTT Engine folders with no problem I can stop the engine, set a custom namespace root folder. and all tags add without any issues Data source is sending MQTT updates every 10 seconds, every tag every read after the initial tag build throws error "invalid tag at path 'mqtt/scadaBytes/East-Brazos/tankX/Level' - unable to handle payload on custom namespace topic=scadaBytes/East-Brazos/tankX/Level" for every tag.

this is the only info in the logs, there is no traceback additional info. I do not have a string converter configured in the engine.

I am having the same issue, any luck?

Y'all might have better luck posting directly on Cirrus Link's forum:

Same issue for me... will search for you on CirrusLInk as well.

Similar issue: Ignition Maker (8.1.27), MQTT Distributor/Engine/Transmission (4.0.16)

Publishing to a topic for the first time creates the tag as expected, but publishing to it again gets the log message "Invalid tag at path '' - unable to handle payload on custom namespace topic=". Value changes on the subsequent publish are reflected in the MQTT broker, but not the Ignition tag.

Perhaps start a new topic at Cirrus Link, since it doesn't look like this question has been asked there before:
Cirrus Link, New Topic = "Invalid Tag at Path"

Started topic in Cirrus Link forum: Getting StringPayloadHandler error "Invalid tag at Path" on subsequent tag publish

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Looks like they've already replied with the solution:

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Confirmed, updating MQTT Engine to nightly build (I used 4.0.17-SNAPSHOT (b2023050816)) resolves the issue

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