MQTT Modules for Edge

When using the third party modules for MQTT on Ignition Edge the Engine server fails to connect. The version of Edge that I’m running matches the Ignition version for the MQTT modules. Is it possible to use MQTT to publish data from Ignition Edge? Thank you for your time.

Did you license Edge for MQTT? Because yes, you can publish Edge data with MQTT.

I’m using a trial version

You’re going to have to share more information. Errors in the wrapper log, network layout, etc. Also look at Cirrus Link’s forum and getting started guide:

wrapper.log (940.0 KB)

Wrapper logs attached. MQTT Engine works for me on Ignition 8.1.5. However, Engine doesn’t connect on Ignition Edge 8.1.5. I have verified this on multiple devices. Is MQTT Engine incompatible with Ignition Edge?

The Cirrus Link docs show Transmission in Edge, not Engine. Where are the devices that are driving the tags in question?

I’m an idiot. Thank you for your help