MQTT Modules using the Ignition 8 beta client

I tried loading the Cirrus Link MQTT modules. They fault because of Ignition version. I’m assuming this is expected because the modules are probably looking for the Ignition 7.9 version number and they are 3rd party modules.

Is there a way we can test with those modules in Ignition 8?

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@wes0johnson might know if they’re available yet and where.

We expect to have beta versions of all of the Cirrus Link modules in a few weeks.


Excellent. Thank you.

Wes0johnson. Are things with the modules still on track ?

We’re a couple of weeks out at this point.

@wes0johnson, and update on the schedule?

We’re still hopeful for an alpha this week. We’re working through some final issues with IA.

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Can I get an update on the status of this?

Release candidates are available. Head over to the Ignition download page, make sure to select “Early access” from the “Release state” combo, and scroll down to the “Cirrus Link Solutions MQTT Modules for Ignition” section.

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