MQTT Subscriber from HMI - Not working

Hi all !

I am pretty new to MQTT , but i'm in kind of need to use it for a project i'm working on. This is the setup :

I have a Crouzet HMI with a Crouet EM4 PLC. I have enabled the MQTT on the HMI, and added a publisher to it with a few values to a test topic. I run a Mosquitto MQTT server on my windows computer. All is working fine, i use MQTTX on my windows pc to monitor the data and everything comes nicely in. But when i try to publish data from the MQTTX (or any other i tried) , the values don't get to the HMI subscriber. I tried with all different settings , of which none worked :

  • I set the protocol version to 3.1 and 3.11
  • I formatted the JSON exactly like it came in on the MQTT server
  • I tried various different JSON formats (without brackets, without timestamp etc)
  • Tried RAW data

This is an example of the test that has been posted from the HMI to the server , with a bit and a word as test

"d" : {
"PowerONOFF" : [ false ],
"Fan" : [ 0 ]

when i try to change the value for the Fan , it doesn't get there.

Anyone having any experience in this? Thanks allot for any help .

This may not be the best community for this question. I don't see any Ignition components in your description. (Not to suggest that it isn't allowed--general discussion is open to non-Ignition questions.)

I realize that now , my bad. The topic can be closed.